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  • Course type:    Live Course
  • Course Date:    Nov 1, 2020 ~ Dec 1, 2020
  • Language of instruction:    English
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John Bura

John Bura


John Bura is has been a successful UniEClass instructor since 2011. John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive. This company produces XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, android, HTML 5, ad-games and more. Mammoth Interactive recently sold a game to Nickelodeon! John has been contracted by many different companies to provide game design, audio, programming, level design and project management. To this day John has 40 commercial games that he has contributed to. Several of the games he has produced have risen to the top 10 in the Apple's app store. In his spare time John likes to play ultimate Frisbee, cycle and work out.

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1 Hour CSS

1 Hour CSS

What you'll learn

Learn how to become a web developer Learn CSS Learn how to design websites

1 Hour CSS


In this tutorial series you get to learn about CSS. CSS is the number design language for the web. CSS is easy to learn and it is used in most web development today. This course is a 1 hour course of action packed material. By the end of it you will have a firm understanding of the concepts of CSS.


  • 09:30 AM Monday Nov 16, 2020

    Formatting tags (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Friday Nov 13, 2020

    Adding in Colors (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Thursday Nov 12, 2020

    Font properties (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Wednesday Nov 11, 2020

    Font families (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Tuesday Nov 10, 2020

    IDs (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Monday Nov 9, 2020

    Style tags (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Friday Nov 6, 2020

    Adding the CSS (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Thursday Nov 5, 2020

    HTML and Style points (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Wednesday Nov 4, 2020

    Course requirements and formate (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 09:30 AM Tuesday Nov 3, 2020

    Introduction to the course (Duration: 40Minutes)

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