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  • Course type:    Live Course
  • Course Date:    Nov 9, 2020 ~ Nov 17, 2020
  • Language of instruction:    English
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Alan Rodrigues

Alan Rodrigues


A Software technology evangelist with over 15+ years in the software Industry. A certification buff with numerous certifications with the most recent ones being 1. Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals 2. Microsoft Certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert 3. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals 4. Microsoft Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate 5. Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert 6. Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate 7. Microsoft Certified Microsoft Azure Developer Associate I have also ghostwritten Exam Question banks , and developed courses for various high profile clients. Hence creating courses for the mass public is just what I do best. I just have one quote for all my students "Just follow your passion , never limit your potential. Never stop , just go on and achieve your dreams"

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AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2020

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2020

What you'll learn

Students will learn all there is to know to be confident when taking the Microsoft Azure Administrator exams Students will learn the important aspects for what is required from an exam perspective

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2020


Release v5.0 - December Added new contents including the following Creating VM's with Premium Disks Lab on using an Azure Load Balancer with Virtual Machine Scale sets Deployment slots for Azure Web Apps Integration of Azure Web Apps with Azure Virtual Network Usage of various tools available with Network Watcher Refreshed chapters to reflect changes in Azure services Added 100+ new practice questions Release v4.0 - April Added contents based on AZ-104 skills outline Students can use this course to pass either the AZ-103 or the AZ-104 exam There are separate practice tests for each exams. Release v3.0 - Februrary Released newer version of section "Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs)" Released newer version of section "Configure and manage virtual networks" Released newer version of section "Implement and manage storage" Updated section "Manage Azure subscriptions and resources" Updated section "Manage identities" Release - v2.12- August 2019 Added 100 additional practice questions to the course Release - v2.1 - July 2019 Added end of Section Quizes Added actual exam lab based scenario's as part of the exam section Release - v2.0 - July 2019 Fresh new look to chapters that explain key concepts on the Azure platform Added more chapters on concepts - Resource tagging , storage accounts , Virtual Machine SLA Mention on new az powershell Added chapter on Availability Zones Added chapter on implementation of the Azure Standard Load Balancer Release - v1.1 - June 2019 Added optional chapters for students who are new to the Azure platform Added chapter on Azure subscriptions based on students request Release - v1.0 - May 2019 Course contents updated to align with AZ-103 objectives This course is designed for students who want to attain the Microsoft Azure Administration Certification This course has contents for the Exam AZ-104 The objectives covered in this course are Manage Azure identities and governance Implement and manage storage Deploy and manage Azure compute resources Configure and manage virtual networking Monitor and back up Azure resources


  • 01:30 PM Tuesday Nov 17, 2020

    Exam Practice Section (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 01:30 PM Monday Nov 16, 2020

    Manage Azure identities and governance (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 01:30 PM Friday Nov 13, 2020

    Implement and manage storage (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 01:30 PM Thursday Nov 12, 2020

    Configure and manage virtual networking (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 01:30 PM Wednesday Nov 11, 2020

    Deploy and Manage Azure compute resources (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 01:30 PM Tuesday Nov 10, 2020

    Starting with Azure (Duration: 40Minutes)
  • 01:30 PM Monday Nov 9, 2020

    Introduction (Duration: 40Minutes)

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