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  • Course type:    Live Course
  • Course Date:    Oct 6, 2020 ~ Dec 8, 2020
  • Language of instruction:    English
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Stephen Grider

Stephen Grider


Stephen Grider has been building complex Javascript front ends for top corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. With an innate ability to simplify complex topics, Stephen has been mentoring engineers beginning their careers in software development for years, and has now expanded that experience onto UniEClass, authoring the highest rated React course. He teaches on UniEClass to share the knowledge he has gained with other software engineers. Invest in yourself by learning from Stephen's published courses.

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Microfrontends with React: A Complete Developer's Guide

Microfrontends with React: A Complete Developer's Guide

What you'll learn

Learn how to become a web developer Learn CSS Learn how to design websites

Microfrontends with React: A Complete Developer's Guide


Use microfrontends to architect an app that dozens of teams can work on at the same time Structure your apps to scale to millions of users Understand how to divide a monolithic app into multiple sub-apps Coordinate data exchanged between your microfrontends Apply a production-style workflow with a full CI/CD pipeline Deploy your microfrontends to Amazon Web Services with CloudFront Isolate rules styling by applying CSS-scoping techniques Judge whether microfrontends are an appropriate choice for your application


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